Landscape Lighting

See Your Property in a Whole New Light

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quote mark Your installation crew did a wonderful job - you couldn't even see where they had run the lines. Never before have we been treated in such a professional manner.

- Patsy, Peggy, and Judy

Add a whole new dimension to your landscape with a low-voltage, landscape lighting system. Outdoor lighting offers numerous applications, both functional and aesthetic, designed to add lasting value to your home and property:

We invite you to discover the advantages of a professionally designed and installed lighting system from Gentle Rain:

Increased Curb Appeal

Showcase the beautiful features of your home and gardens normally shrouded in darkness. Outdoor lighting can give your property a whole new ambiance, expanding its visual impact at night. Using specific lighting techniques, we can create dramatic focal points around your home and landscape without overwhelming your property with light.

Safety & Security

Landscape lighting offers more than beauty. A carefully designed lighting system illuminates walkways, paths and steps, providing easier and safer access for you, your family and guests. Outdoor lighting also offers valuable protection for homeowners by discouraging potential intruders.

Practical Elegance

Would you like to enjoy more hours outside entertaining friends and family? Landscape lighting expands the outdoors, making it more accessible, comfortable and inviting. Let us show you how to dramatically increase the utility of your property, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors well into the evening.

Energy Efficient

Low-voltage lighting is good for the environment and your wallet because it consumes less power. Our lighting systems operate on a 12 volt current and use about 1/3 the electricity of high-voltage systems, which operate at 120 volts. Moreover, we carefully select the appropriate transformer, wire size, and lamp wattage to maximize the energy efficiency of your system.

Worry Free

There is no possibility of electrical injury with low-voltage lighting, making it completely safe for use around children and pets. Low-voltage systems are also less expensive to install than high-voltage systems as they there is no need to disturb the landscape by digging deep trenches for installation.