Landscape Lighting

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide free estimates?

Yes. Gentle Rain provides free written estimates on all new landscape lighting systems to all clients in our service area. We will meet with you in person to discuss your specific lighting needs and perform an on-site analysis to evaluate the size and layout of your property. It is critical for us to view your property in order to provide an accurate an honest estimate.

How much does a lighting system cost?

It depends on several factors including the size of your property, the complexity of the landscape, the number and type of fixtures, and the placement of the fixtures.

How long does it take to install a lighting system?

Most systems take between one and three days to install, but every system is different. Time of installation is site dependent.

Is the installation of the lighting system disruptive to my yard and landscape?

There is little or no disruption to your property. If trenching is required across the lawn, a small incision is made about 6-8 inches deep, the wire is placed inside, and the grass folded over top of it. In planting beds, the mulch is raked back and a similar small incision is made to bury the wire.

What is the warranty on the lighting system?

Our warranties include:

Do you provide service after the warranty period?

Absolutely. Gentle Rain is fully staffed and equipped to service your landscape lighting system. Please contact our office or visit our Service page for additional information.

Why should I go with a low-voltage system instead of a high-voltage one?

In addition to being safer and more energy efficient, low-voltage lighting systems provide much cleaner and sharper lighting that is impossible to achieve with high-voltage systems. low-voltage systems provide light to accentuate a given area subtly while high-voltage systems provide too much light at the source, drawing attention to the fixture and away from the area you are trying to light.

I've seen lighting kits in hardware stores that are cheaper? Why should I consider a professionally installed lighting system?

A professionally designed and installed lighting system uses components and techniques that are far superior to prepackaged kits. These kits cannot produce nearly the same quality of light or provide the same durability that a professional system can. The transformers are typically under-powered, and the fixtures are made of cheap plastic with too many low-wattage bulbs. Our fixtures are made of high-quality copper, brass and aluminum.

What about solar lights?

While solar-powered lights are certainly energy efficient and easy to install (i.e. no wires), there are several key disadvantages. The lighting is very dim compared to low-voltage lighting and the fixtures produce a bluish tint, creating the appearance of a poorly lit landing strip. Also, areas that are naturally shaded adversely affect the fixtures' recharging capabilities.

How is the lighting system controlled?

There is a timer located inside the transformer that controls the lighting system. It is set to your desired on/off times and can be manually overridden with a flip of a switch.

How does this affect my electricity bill?

low-voltage lighting is extremely energy efficient. While the operating expense will vary based on the number of fixtures, 12-volt lamps consume approximately 1/3 the electricity that 120-volt lamps use. Most systems can be operated for less than fifty cents a day.

What maintenance is required?

Very little. The professional grade lighting fixtures we use last for years and there is a lifetime guarantee on the transformer. Bulbs do burn out and need replacement, and the lenses need to be cleaned periodically. Also, as your landscape changes, you may need to adjust or move fixtures.

What if I want to extend my landscape and want to add more fixtures later?

When properly designed and installed, low-voltage lighting systems are expandable so they can be adapted to meet your needs today and tomorrow.