Water Features

Create Your Own Private Paradise

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Whether it's a dramatic waterfall or the peaceful melody of a babbling stream, nothing sets the stage for a relaxing environment like water. It adds the dimensions of sound and movement, and can provide a spectacular element to an otherwise ordinary landscape. Discover how Gentle Rain can transform your backyard into your own private paradise with the natural sights and sounds of a custom water garden.


A waterfall is a magical display of liquid animation. The motion of water tumbling over rocks is captivating; the sound is soothing. When properly integrated into your landscape, waterfalls create a stunning focal point.


Imagine the peaceful sounds of water gently cascading over rocks. A carefully designed stream can add remarkable visual perspective to your water garden and provides a more natural look than a waterfall and pond alone.


Picture beautiful aquatic plants, brilliantly colored fish darting back and forth, and the peaceful symphony of birds in the background. Ponds provide a unique, natural ecosystem for vegetation, fish and other wildlife that can be enjoyed year-round.

Pondless Waterfalls

Enjoy the soothing and meditative sounds of a waterfall that disappears into a bed of stone and gravel. If space is limited, a pondless waterfall can provide visual interest to your landscape without the footprint and maintenance of a full-fledged pond.