Water Features


We realize there's a need for keeping our ponds working painlessly and properly. We want you to enjoy your water feature for years to come. That's why Gentle Rain proudly offers regular and seasonal maintenance to assist you in achieving a healthy, beautiful water feature. Please contact our office for current service rates and to schedule a service call.

Spring Cleaning

We recommend a pond clean-out once a year. During the fall and winter, leaves and other debris fall into the water and decompose. To ensure optimal water quality, and plant and fish health, it's a good idea to have the pond fully serviced each spring. A pond clean-out usually takes a few hours and is billed on an hourly basis. This service includes the following:

Maintenance Program

During the growing season between April and October, several maintenance items need to be performed regularly. If you want to enjoy your water garden with the minimum amount of work we recommend a bi-weekly or monthly service plan. This work can also be carried out at different intervals to suit your own requirements. Maintenance visits typically take one hour and are billed on an hourly basis. The maintenance visit includes the following:

Repair & Refurbishment

Even the best built ponds and water features can eventually have problems. Over time, your pump may fail or the ground may settle causing a leak. Perhaps your rockwork is unstable and messy, and you're looking to improve your pond's aesthetics. No matter your issue, Gentle Rain has the experience to correctly diagnose and fix your problem.